Lingual Propulsive Pressures across Consistencies Generated by the Anteromedian and Posteromedian Tongue by Healthy Young Adults.

J Speech Lang Hear Res. 2012 Jan 9. [Epub ahead of print]

Gingrich LL, Stierwalt JA, Hageman CF, Lapointe LL.


Florida State University.



The present study investigated lingual propulsive pressures generated in the normal swallow by the anterior and posterior lingual segments for various consistencies and maximum isometric tasks.


Lingual pressures for saliva, thin, and honey-thick liquid boluses were measured via the Iowa Oral Performance Instrument (IOPI) at both anteromedian and posteromedian lingual segments of 62 healthy subjects, aged 18-34 (30 males, 32 females).


A Repeated Measures ANOVA revealed all lingual swallowing pressures were significantly greater at the anteromedian segment than the posteromedian segment. Gender was not a significant factor; however, females exhibited greater swallowing pressures across all conditions. Lingual pressures increased as bolus viscosity increased. No interaction effects existed. Analysis of a subset of 30 participants revealed males exhibited greater maximal isometric pressure at the anteromedian segment with no significant gender difference at the posteromedian segment. Significantly higher Percentage of Maximum Isometric Tongue Pressure (PMTP) was exerted by the posteromedian tongue than the anteromedian tongue.


Findings suggest greater amplitudes of lingual pressures are generated during normal swallowing at the anteromedian lingual segment; however, greater PMTP was exerted by the posteromedian lingual segment suggesting increased effort by the posterior tongue during bolus propulsion.

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