Viscosities reproductive patterns for use in videofluoroscopy and rehabilitation therapy of dysphagic patients

Costa, Milton M. B.; Almeida, Juliana T. de; Sant’Anna, Eliane; Pinheiro, Gláucia M.
Arq. Gastroenterol. 44(4): 297-303, TAB. 2007 Dec.


BACKGROUND: Usually the suitable consistence identified and indicated as safe by videofluoroscopic method has been empirically obtained by association of barium sulfate solution with meals. However, it has been evidenced to be very difficult to reproduce this consistence in nutritional rehabilitation therapy from subjective information.
AIM: To build two reproductive similar crescent viscosities series of solutions, with and without barium sulfate, to be used, the first, as radiological contrasted mean and the second, as base to reproduce the defined safer consistence, in the oral diet rehabilitation of dysphagic patients.
METHODS: Two viscosity solutions series were obtained from starch and distilled water with and without 100% barium sulfate solution. The viscosity levels were defined step by step with digital viscosimeter (Brookfield, model LVTD-II) and with infrared thermometer Icel TD – 960. The fluids viscosity was register in centipoises, with their inferior and superior values followed by complimentary information about spindle kind, rotation speed and temperature.
RESULTS: The two series of solutions, with and without barium sulfate, could be defined as aqueous (>1-143,5 cP), fine liquid (428 – 551 cP), thick liquid (4.284 -7.346,5 cP)), pasty (7.346,4 – 13.035 cP), pasty thick (19.260 – 34.320 cP) and creamy (163.500 – 255.300 cP).
CONCLUSION: The study could offer reproductive formulas, with and without contrast mean, to be follow for obtaining the desirable viscosity to be used, each of them, in radiological evaluation and in nutritional diet minimizing the gaps fails between evaluation and therapy.

Headings: Deglutition disorders. Fluoroscopy. Contrast media. Viscosity


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