Deglutition and tussis in different degrees of Parkinson disease

Gasparim, Aretuza Zaupa; Jurkiewicz, Ari Leon; Marques, Jair Mendes; Santos, Rosane Sampaio; Marcelino, Paulo Cesar Otero; Herrero Junior, Francisco
Arquivos Int. Otorrinolaringol. (Impr.) 15(2): 181-188, TAB. 2011 Jun.


INTRODUCTION: Parkinson disease is one of the pathology that most usually affect the deglutition.
OBJECTIVE: To analyse the deglutition efficiency and the tussis reflex in laryngeal penetration cases or tracheal inhalation with meal, in different stages of Parkinson disease’s severity.
STUDY’S WAY: contemporaneous incision with transverse incision.
METHOD: The sample had 38 patients in the study group and 38 individuals in the control group submitted to a neurologic evaluation and otorhinolaryngological evaluation by nasofibrolaryngoscopy.
RESULTS: The tussis reflex showed up in 100% of patients without meal offering. The alimentary stasis presence in pyriform recess and vallecula epiglottic in solid, pasty and liquid consistence was significative (p= 0,0000). The laryngeal penetration occurrence in liquid consistence was significative (p= 0,0036). The tracheal inhalation occurred in 06 patients of the study group in liquid consistence and absent in control group.
CONCLUSION: Deglutition efficiency in study group prevailed the solid consistence, followed by pasty and liquid consistence. In control group the deglutition was effective in most patients case study group and its inefficacy prevailed in subgroup 2.

Keywords: Parkinson disease, tussis, deglutition disturbance.


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