Evaluation of dysphagia in pediatric population using fiberoptic endoscopy

Paula, Ari de; Botelho, Izabel; Silva, Ariovaldo A.; Rezende, José M. M. de; Farias, Celi; Mendes, Lucilaine
Rev. Bras. Otorrinolaringol. 68(1): 91-96, TAB. 2002 May.
Aim: Using fiberoptic endoscopy that can be easily transported, we evaluated a dysphagic pediatric population with a fonoaudiologic team helping her not only with diagnosis but also in therapeutic strategic.
Study design: prospective clinical randomized.
Method: A group of 10 children between 45 days and 5 years old, an average of 1 year and 9 months with disturbs of deglutitions from neurologic or prematures ariseing had been evaluated through fiberoptic endoscopy. The evaluation had been executed in a dynamic form (functional one) because we fod them during the examination, studying principally the faringeal fases disturbs.
Results: We observed the alterations of pharyngeal fase that are better identificated with the exam, where we clearly identificated the sensibility disturbs and the pharyngeal motricity, as well as the occurrence of high or deep laryngeal penetration, aspiration, or clearence deficits after each swallowing movement, as well as coordination of respiration-succion-deglution.
Conclusion: The fibereoptic endoscoipic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) is an agile exam and with high precision, practically without risks to the pediatric population, aiming safety the fonoaudiologic work to the therapy.
Key words: deglutition, dysphagia, fiberoptic endoscopy, pediatric, fonoaudyology, nutrition, neurology.

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