Functional profile of swallowing in clinical intensive care

Aline Rodrigues Padovani, Claudia Regina Furquim de Andrade

einstein. 2007; 5(4):358-362

Objective To describe the functional profile of swallowing and feeding  in patients admitted to a clinical intensive care unit. Methods: A survey on the speech therapy care provided at clinical intensive care unit, from May to August 2006, to establish indicators to describe swallowing functional profile. In this study we included patients referred for suspected dysphagia after undergoing long periods of mechanical ventilation and/or tracheostomy, and we excluded those suspected of neurogenic dysphagia. Results: We observed a 65% prevalence of oropharyngeal dysphagia in four months of speech therapy. Among the patients who were previously submitted to orotracheal intubation, we observed oropharyngeal dysphagia in 64% of assessments, and we noticed a reduction in dysphagia severity after speech therapy. Thirtynine percent of cases required further speech therapy. Conclusion: Speech therapy in non-neurogenic dysphagia in clinical ICU focuses mainly on patients who were intubated for more than 48 hours. These patients benefited from the intervention through the use of therapeutic techniques based on the necessary criteria for safe feeding habits.

Keywords: Deglutition disorders; Intubation; Traqueostomy; Intensive care units; Feeding


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