Interdisciplinary evaluation of dysphagia: clinical swallowing evaluation and videoendoscopy of swallowing


Sordi M, Mourão LF, Silva AA, Flosi LC.

Braz J Otorhinolaryngol. 2009 Nov-Dec;75(6):776-87.



Patients with dysphagia have impairments in many aspects, and an interdisciplinary approach is fundamental to define diagnosis and treatment. A joint approach in the clinical and videoendoscopy evaluation is paramount.


To study the correlation between the clinical assessment (ACD) and the videoendoscopic (VED) assessment of swallowing by classifying the degree of severity and the qualitative/descriptive analyses of the procedures.


cross-sectional, descriptive and comparative.


held from March to December of 2006, at the Otolaryngology/Dysphagia ward of a hospital in the country side of São Paulo. 30 dysphagic patients with different disorders were assessed by ACD and VED. The data was classified by means of severity scales and qualitative/ descriptive analysis.


the correlation between severity ACD and VED scales pointed to a statistically significant low agreement (KAPA = 0.4) (p=0,006). The correlation between the qualitative/descriptive analysis pointed to an excellent and statistically significant agreement (KAPA=0.962) (p<0.001) concerning the entire sample.


the low agreement between the severity scales point to a need to perform both procedures, reinforcing VED as a doable procedure. The descriptive qualitative analysis pointed to an excellent agreement, and such data reinforces our need to understand swallowing as a process.

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