Pulse Oximetry: Instrumental Alternative in the Clinical Evaluation by the Bed for the Dysphagia

Cardoso, Maria Cristina de Almeida Freitas; Silva, Ana Maria Toniolo da.

Arq. int. otorrinolaringol. (Impr.); 14(2)abr.-jun. 2010.

Introduction: The clinical evaluation by the bed is the clinical procedure utilized by the speech therapy as a screening test for established if the individual presents or not a clinical picture of dysphagia. Its achievement count with the use of the pulse oximetry that is the not-invasive measure of the peripheral saturation of O2. When it related to the dysphagia, the saturation can decline in the moment of the swallowing, suggesting a compromise of the respiratory system. Such decline is observed in individuals that aspire with sustenances of liquid and solid consistency, before during and after food, when compared to the individuals that do not aspire. Objective: To verify the possibility of the utilization of the pulse oximetry as an instrumental alternative in the clinical evaluation for the dysphagia. Method: Revision of literature, based in articles indexed in the bases Lilacs and Medline having as a reference the descriptors: saturation of oxygen, pulse oximetry and swallowing disorders. Results: The association of the clinical evaluation to the pulse oximetry shows up with high sensibility in the detection of the penetration and aspiration laringotraqueal and with bass false-positive index, considering it desaturation, the indices that pierced with bigger values than 2%. Some data found are divergent as the aspiration detection possibility. Final Comments: The studies analyzed confer to oximetria of wrist the character of practically and possibility of use in the actions by the bed, being utilized ally to the clinical evaluation for dysphagia, although certain disagreement between the same is found as regards the utilization of its results as indicator of aspiration laringotraqueal, suggesting need of subsequent researches.


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