Laryngotracheal separation procedure for elderly patients

Watanabe K; Nakaya M; Miyano K; Abe K
Am J Otolaryngol; 32(2): 156-8, 2011 Mar-Apr.
A procedure for laryngotracheal separation was performed on 5 elderly patients in poor general condition to prevent habitual aspiration pneumonia. Intractable aspiration was relieved in all the patients with no major postoperative complications. In this intervention, a modification of the procedure previously reported, the anterior part of the tracheal and cricoid cartilage was removed, and the subglottic mucosa was sutured to fashion a blind pouch. This procedure could be adjusted even in cases of severe laryngoptosis or after high tracheostomy. Laryngotracheal separation is likely to be useful as a simple and safe procedure even for older patients. If this comes to be, it will serve as a valuable intervention in today’s aging society.

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