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New tracheotomy speaking valve: a Brazilian proposal

Chone, Carlos T; Bortoleto, Antonio; Gripp, Flávio M; Crespo, Agricio N
Rev Bras Otorrinolaringol; 68(4): 546-549, jul.-ago. 2002. ilus, tab
Introduction: Tracheotomy is performed in conditions of upper airway obstruction or chronic pulmonary disorders. The use of tracheotomy speaking valves (TSV) has been described elsewhere but always at high cost for the patient, since all of them are imported.
Aim: To demonstrate the TSV manufactured in stainless steel, developed at the State University of Campinas, and the possibility of its use in speech rehabilitation of tracheotomized patients.
Study design: Clinical prospective.
Material and Methods: The TSV developed was used in ten consecutive patients. The valve works with a diaphragm inside a body made of stainless steel with plastic attachments. It directs the air to the larynx during phonation and allows introduction of air through the valve during inspiration, with low pressure.
Results: All ten patients are using the valve, speaking and breathing through it without distressing situations even during sleep.
Discussion: The TSV improves communication, intelligibility, hygiene and humidification of the airway. The psychological condition and amount of secretions in the airway are improved too. This TSV has a low cost and can benefit many patients in Brazil. Children who have had tracheotomy could have a delay in acquisition of language. The use of TSV might be helpful for the communication and social interaction of these children.
Conclusion: The TSV demonstrated is safe and allows effortless phonation without digital occlusion of the tube.